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08-19-06 #2

This press conference is to provide you with updated information of human remains found in rural Cass County. I will share with you the facts as we know them now.

  • That we have a person in custody on other charges that claims to have knowledge of homicides committed at the location we are searching
  • That we did secure a search warrant based on statements made by this individual
  • That we did discover what appeared to be the remains that were described
  • Those remains were presented to a local doctor who related that he believed the remains to be human
  • The Kansas City Missouri Police Crime Scene Investigators were called to assist in conducting and gathering evidence
  • Dr. Michael Finnegan, K-State University forensic anthropologist was called in to verify the remains as human
  • We do not know the identity of any of the remains

At this point this is still an ongoing investigation. It is in its infancy, and we will continue to bring you updates when additional information is available.

Future updates and press releases will be conducted through Major Weber and Public Information Officer, Cpl. Tieman.

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