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Physical Ability Test


This guide is designed to give you an overview of the physical ability course you will be required to pass at the first stage of the hiring procedure.


Deputies of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office are required during the course of their duty to safely perform certain physical functions which are critical to the duties they are sworn to uphold. Many of these essential functions are included in the physical ability test described below.

The test is not a timed test however each applicant needs to complete each phase of the course without stopping. If the applicant cannot successfully complete any section of the course they will be disqualified.

A large part of a deputies duties is the ability to follow instructions and remember instructions during stress. Applicants will be required to follow all directions given prior to and during the test or disqualification could also result.

A wavier will need to be signed by the applicant prior to taking the test.


At the start of the test the applicant will be given a description of a “suspect” example- red shirt. The applicant will need to remember the description for stage 4 of the course.

Stage 1- Vehicle Exit

Deputies must be able to quickly exit a patrol vehicle without assistance and be able to run on foot on a variety of surfaces (grass, sidewalk, pavement). The applicant will be given an unloaded FX simulation pistol in a paddle holster that they will be required to wear during the entire length of the course. The applicant will start seated in the driver’s seat of a patrol car with the door shut and his seatbelt fastened. On the command to start, the applicant will remove the seatbelt and exit the vehicle. The applicant will then run to the second stage of the course.

Stage 2- Stair Climb

Deputies as part of their duties will be required to climb and descend flights of stairs. During this event the applicant will enter the stair will and climb to the second floor where they will place both feet on the landing. The applicant will then descend the staircase. The applicant is not required to climb the stairs in any particular manner and are allowed to use the railing. The applicant will then continue to the next stage.

Stage 3- Barrier

Deputies must as part of their duties have the ability to climb over obstacles, up and down ladders and fences. In this portion of the physical ability test the applicant will be required to climb over a 4 foot barrier.

Stage 4- Trigger Pull

Deputies, as part of their duties, must be able to hold their handgun on target after physical exertion and then be able to pull the trigger with both hands. For this event the applicant will line up in front of three targets that will be numbered. A proctor will ask the applicant which is their suspect. The applicant will then call out 1, 2 or 3 depending on the description given at the start of the test. The proctor will then tell the applicant to draw their weapon. The applicant will need to keep their weapon on target ready to fire for approximately 1 minute. The proctor will then yell “threat” at which time the applicant will pull the trigger 9 times with their dominate hand. The proctor will then tell the applicant to switch hands and continue. The applicant will then switch the weapon to their non-dominate hand and pull the trigger 9 more times. The applicant will then be given the command to holster and proceed. The applicant will need to holster their weapon prior to continuing the course. The applicant will then continue the course.

Stage 5- Dummy Drag

Deputies as part of their duties are sometimes required to pull or drag subjects out of danger. During this event the applicant will be required to pull a 150 pound dummy 25 feet. The applicant can drag the dummy any way they wish. The test is completed when both the applicant and dummy cross the finish line entirely.



The proctor or EMS personnel may end the test at any time they feel that an applicant’s health is in danger or an injury is likely to result. Applicants that stop at any time during the course for more than 5 seconds will result in a disqualification unless extenuating circumstances develop that are beyond the applicants control. If during the test an applicant does not follow directions such as re-holster their firearm prior to continuing after the trigger pull, the applicant will also be disqualified. The proctor will warn the applicant if the applicant does stop during the course.

Applicants will only be allowed to run the course once. If the applicant does not complete all sections of the course they will need to re-apply during the next hiring phase.




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